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Purchase Issues

I didn’t receive or can’t find my email with the download instructions 

If you can.t find you the email containing your download instructions you have 2 options.

  1. The quickest way to access your downloads is to create a members account. They are 100% free. Click here to create your account but use the exact same Paypal email address you used to purchase the product.

  2. Send an email to support(at)

    Subject Line: Purchase Issues 

    Body: provide us with the email address you used to make the purchase with.

Members Account Help

The following image is what you can expect to see in your members account profile settings section.

Account Profile Settings

The second tab down called “Purchases” will allow you to download the products you have ordered. Clicking the download button on the right will open up a window that contains a download button in the top right hand corner of your screen to download your selected products to your computer. Al downloaded files are in the .zip format and will need to be extracted from the .zip file for use.

Purchases and Downloads Settings

Clicking the “More Details” button as shown on the bottom right in the image above will provide you with additional options as shown below.

The first option is the ability to download or print out your payment invoices by clicking the “Invoice” button at the top right.

The second option is at the bottom of the screen and is an in house messaging system that bypasses email issues. 

Account Messaging

The edit profile section is as the name implies a way to edit your profile. More information is available when scrolling down the screen. The below screen shot only shows some of the information available.

Edit Profile Settings